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i.c. stars iOpener Event

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детско обзавежданеRolling Meadows, IL – August 18, 2010 / GetMeTheRightJob, Inc., a cloud-based, IT-recruiting and staffing service, announced today that its Vice President Coley Perry will participate in i.c.stars’ fourth annual iOpener event on August 27.

i.c.stars is a Chicago-based, non-profit organization that helps adults with a high school diploma or GED become future business and technology leaders. i.c.stars’ iOpener event will examine what jobs are being created that didn’t exist three years ago and how companies are using innovation to recruit.

The iOpener event is facilitated by IDEA BLENDER™ – a social solution development company that connects companies, academic institutions, public sector and non-profit organizations with a global network of some of the brightest thinkers solving some of the toughest business challenges.

Perry, a human capital innovation expert, will explore the concept of “innovative DNA” and what it means for organizations seeking to attract and retain employees for the future workforce.

“The workforce of tomorrow is rapidly changing. That means how we create job descriptions, define roles and hire folks is also changing,” said Perry. “Those who understand this and adopt new approaches and processes will have a distinct, competitive advantage.  i.c.stars’ iOpener event is a great example of the kind of dialogue that needs to happen across business, education, non-profit and government.”

Other participants in the iOpener event include:

  • Anthony Abbattista, VP, Technology Solutions, Allstate
  • Ellen Barry, Former CIO, MPEA
  • David Baruch, CIO, Hewitt
  • Hardik Bhatt, CIO, City of Chicago
  • Marcus Cobb, President, Mark Wayne Intimates
  • Timothy Deane Mather, CIO, PMA Consultants LLC,
  • Kevin Denney, BettrAt
  • Ed Earl, CIO, LittelFuse
  • Steven Elliot, Principal, Technology & Operations, Bank of America
  • Dan Fallon, CTO, Navistar
  • Jim Fehr, Vice President, StartSampling Inc
  • Jolanta Gal, CIO, Feeding America
  • Stephen Galvan, Principle, Galvan & Associates
  • Mark Griesbaum, President, TCS Online System
  • Beth Hall, CAO, Abelson Taylor
  • Richard Komakio, Co-Founder, The Lawyer Market
  • Robert E. Kress , Sr. Director of IT Business Operations,Accenture
  • Michael Kritzman, School Town
  • Ron Markham, CIO, SPSS
  • Patrick Moroney, President, The Barnier Group
  • Peter Nagle, CIO, Information Technology, Mesirow Financial
  • Tiger Nigamatzyanov, Siegel Construction Inc.
  • Mike O’Connell, Manager, IT Business Planning, Integrys
  • Michael Ouska, CIO, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
  • Dan Paganelis, Sr. Manager, Technical Strategy & Analysis,Redbox
  • Coley Perry, VP, Get Me the Right Job!
  • Lance Pressl, Foundation President, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
  • Allison Radecki, SVP & CIO, GS1 US
  • Girish Rao, VP of IT, Career Education Corporation
  • Dan Roberts, Sidetax
  • Kevin Rooney , CIO/CSO, American Access Casualty
  • Avelo Roy, Co-Founder, eMotion
  • Victor Sanchez,
  • Kevin Sapp, Senior Vice President, Mesirow
  • Bruce Schinelli, VP IT and CIO, TTX
  • Stephen Speidel Global CIO, Insight
  • James Stoynoff, President, Synthesis Solutions, LLC
  • Ed Suda, Co-Founder, eMotion
  • Guy Thier, CIO, Bally Total Fitness
  • Patricia Todus, Associate VP & Deputy CIO, Northwestern University
  • Kathie Topel, VP, IMPACTinsights, Part of SPR Companies
  • Lac Van Tran, CIO, Rush University Medical Center
  • James Vanek, CTO, Alternative and Quantitative Investments, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Barbara Zeller, Assistant VP, IT, Nicor Inc
  • Jason Zielke, Associate, Invention Bridge


Formed in 1999, i.c.stars is a non-profit organization in Chicago for adults with a high school diploma or GED. Using project-based learning and full-immersion teaching, i.c.stars provides opportunities to develop skills in business and technology. i.c.stars’ goal is to develop 1,000 Community Leaders by 2020. i.c.stars places 100 percent of its qualified graduates in jobs with average annual earnings of $35,700. Before completing the program, participants typically earn around $16,600. In 2006, i.c.stars partnered with DePaul University to ensure that i.c.stars alumni are admitted to the CDM and SNL Bachelors of Science program. Learn more on the web at

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